Nora’s first ski lesson! (And, sometimes it’s better to leave the big camera at home)

At four years old Nora was finally ready to take on the slopes, so up to Hurricane Ridge we went, which thankfully is only a 30 min. drive away. I didn’t want to lug my big camera on the slopes so I only brought our new Flip Video. Convenience-wise it was a good decision but, of course, there were prime photo ops which I missed and, tonight I found out this week’s I heart faces photo challenge is “Bundled Up”…dang! 😦

However, I did discover the “create a snapshot” feature on our Flip Video, which was a pleasant surprise. They’re not great photos in terms of clarity but, they totally work as candid shots. Really, the video footage captured the memories way better than I could have using my camera. Plus, it gave me the freedom to focus on Nora without fiddling with settings and lenses so, no regrets about leaving my “photographer hat” at home. 🙂 All’s good!

Nora getting her first ski lesson!

Putting her skis on

In the ski hut (Nora, Taryn and Kariya)

The good, the bad, the ugly...I can take it. Talk at me! :)

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