Trying to take a shot in the fog

This photo was taken Sunday afternoon January 10, 2010 trying to capture my “best face” for this week’s contest. The fog started rolling in so I had to continually adjust my camera settings. This is NOT the photo I’m submitting but, here it is anyway!

heart faces Jan 2010 week2 (version 2)


5 comments on “Trying to take a shot in the fog

  1. Pics by Mic says:

    Wow! She is going to be a lil heart breaker! Great pic!


  2. Ruth says:

    Hi, I saw on I heart Faces that you’re from Port Angeles. I lived there in early elementary school (my dad was a Coastie) and it has always been one of our family’s favorite duty stations. I live in Alaska now, talk about low winter light! Someday I’d love to visit PA again, trek up to Hurricane Ridge, hike through the rain forest, let my kids play on the beaches there….. Anyhow, your daughter’s picture is so pretty, love those big brown eyes and sparkly headband.


  3. Ruth says:

    We went to Calvary Baptist School, not sure if it’s still even around. I started first grade there in 84 and my mom taught kindergarten there for a few years. Where was the picture on your header taken?


    • meelswa says:

      Hmmm…I graduated high school in ’82 so we definitely didn’t cross paths!! LOL The header picture was taken at Hurricane Ridge. I never get sick of that lovely place. I love the view when you walk south from the “sunrise trail” towards the lodge and you see the Olympics rising up from the trail. Great photo ops up there!!


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