Frustrating Fours?? I hope it’s just a phase!!

Nora rolling her eyes

Is it too much to ask to have ONE FULL DAY without a sassy look or a dramatic display of frustration or ignoring me when I ask a question? I thought we escaped the terrible twos AND threes, only to enter the FRUSTRATING FOURS shortly after her birthday less than 2 months ago.

After gymnastics class I endured her whining all the way home in the car about wanting me to buy her a smoothie. My offer to make her one at home was of no interest to her. After she stomped into the house, she threw off her boots then huffed into her bedroom and shut the door (no slamming though…whew! we already worked on that problem last week!) Yup, this is the thanks I get for being such a nice mom!!! HA! I adore Nora but, this “spirited nature”, she mostly likely inherited from ME, forces me to do a lot of counting to 10 and reminding myself to just BREATHE.

I just ignored her, grateful she was venting to her stuffed animals instead of at me. In the meantime, I ran across this photo which reminded me how peaceful she can be…when she’s sleeping!! LOL It gave me the patience to just let go and trust that she’d snap out of her crankiness. Nora eventually came out on her own, apologizing and behaving like an angel…for now! 😉

Nora napping

2 comments on “Frustrating Fours?? I hope it’s just a phase!!

  1. i LOVE the photo of Nora rolling her eyes! of course, she looks like an absolute angel sleeping, but the eye-rolling just kills me… 🙂 beautiful photographs on both counts.


  2. meelswa says:

    thanks KJ. well, the sleeping photo just keeps me from leaving her on the curbside when the sassy nora tries my patience!! LOL


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