A New Year’s Resolution: get my photos OUT THERE! Yikes!!

Several months ago, a friend of mine urged me to display my photos in a local coffeehouse.  I happened to share my photos with my mamas group then my friend dragged me to the counter to show the owner my photos.  Right then and there, I was booked for my first ever photo exhibit!!  Six months later and my photos will be hung for the month of January 2010 at Blackbird Coffeehouse in Port Angeles, WA starting January 4th!! 

Originally I selected photos separated in two themes:  Rainy Day Hues and Peninsula Playground.   I mostly chose generic photos which I thought might appeal to the general public.   Once we got into the space to hang the photos, it was best just to hang the Rainy Day Hues series, and just the Sunset Runner photo.    It was a good lesson to be flexible and prepared to work with the allotted wall space and the decor and art already hanging on the walls.  It  also helped to have a friend help me hang the photos, especially since she is an interior designer.  Thanks Trisa!

I priced each framed photo (11×14 frame, 8×10 photos) at $35 each.   I also offered copies of the photos unframed at $20 each. 

This is a first for me.  Choosing the photos, hanging and displaying them, pricing them…all a new experience!  Although I’m feeling a bit vulnerable putting my photos out there, my shutterbug friend KJ reminds me “You gotta’ start somewhere!”.  So…wheee, here we go!!!

I’d love your feedback, especially if you get a chance to stop by Blackbird Coffeehouse in Port Angeles (corner of 8th street and Peabody).  Thanks for taking this big step with me!!

– Amelia


2 comments on “A New Year’s Resolution: get my photos OUT THERE! Yikes!!

  1. Melissa Driggers Sampson says:

    Love your Pic’s Such good stuff… like all your photo’s Great stuff !!! 🙂


  2. meelswa says:

    Thanks Melissa!! I am so excited that one of the photos just sold! The Dragonfly. Yaaay!! 😮


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